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Your smartphone is a storehouse of your personal data, which is why GoEasyRepair believes in  getting your mobile repaired right at your doorstep, under your supervision. 

Yet sometimes, for unavoidable reasons GoEasyRepair may  have to pick your phone due to an intricate repair job or the unavailability of a particular part. In such rare cases, we have to take the phone to our workshop. 

GoEasyRepair ensures all-round safety of your phone, including the safety of your data. But our experts say for an extra layer of security of your phone, it’s better to use a software from the Play Store or the App Store to hide and lock the apps on your phone.  

For those who use RealMe phones, there’s even a better solution that you can employ. Just follow the following steps:  

  • Open your phone’s Settings window and select ‘App lock’ within the ‘Security’ option
  • Enter and enable passcode verification. You will have to set up a password for the security to work
  • There’s another option available, called ‘Hide Homescreen Icon’. If you want to hide the app icons from your phone’s home screen, click on it
  • Choose the installed applications that you want to hide in the list
  • Two more options are available, labeled– ‘Don’t Display in Recent Tasks’ and ‘Don’t Display Notifications’. You can choose both to ensure none of the activities related to the apps are displayed in the notifications

Restoring the mobile apps on the home screen is simple too. All you have to do is open ‘Settings’, select ‘App Lock’ in the Security options and enter the privacy passcode. You will be prompted to restore the applications you chose to hide and disable the ‘Hide Home screen’ icon.

I am glad RealMe provided this function as third-party app lockers are riddled with adware. 

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