GoEasyRepair, a division of UCRACKWEFIX, is an online electronics repair service that dedicates itself towards the highest degree of customer satisfaction. We specialize in fixing smartphones, tablets, laptops, and various other devices that require utmost care and attention.

GoEasyRepair will free you from the nuisance of dealing with untrustworthy service centers, where you have to deposit your device for an uncertain amount of time. You also risk the theft of personal data and unauthorized tampering of phone components.

With GoEasyRepair, you won’t have to bother visiting time-consuming, distant repair centers.

In the waiting line at a service center, we’re sure you wished for a Genie that visits your home with workshop in his pocket, and fixes your device with a finger-snap. GoEasyRepair is that Genie.   

After you book an appointment with GoEasyRepair citing the device issue(s) in detail, our repair expert will visit you, and fix your device on the spot. Your device will be rendered brand new once we’re done!

  • To provide a door-stop repairing service that is fair, fast, and reliable
  • To warrant transparent pricing of the repairing services that are only levied after the customer’s problem is completely fixed
  • To provide the best customer experience at every step of our relationship
  • We strive to make GoEasyRepair a household name, a brand recognized for rendering quality repair services  at affordable prices.
  • We are also determined to keep the environment free from e-waste with the help of green practices and e-recycling. After all, we do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.  
  • A team of skilled technicians and innovative engineers that guarantees an expert resolution to your problem(s)
  • Renowned for efficiency in the customer service sector
  • A passion to solve problems with innovative approaches using state-of-the-art tools  
  • Assurance of quality at every stage of customer relationship

Why us?

GoEasyRepair aims to nurture a long-term relationship with customers by offering services that are satisfactory, affordable and quick.

E-waste management

Electronic waste is toxic and carcinogenic. If they are not disposed or recycled properly, it can induce various health risks. At GoEasyRepair, E-waste is properly regulated. They are channelized to a registered recycler to ensure their safe transportation and disposal.


“Honesty is the Best Policy”:GoEasyRepair administers this adage religiously into its work culture. We provide complete, authoritative and timely declaration of information to our customers.

Certified Professionals

GoEasyRepair is an exclusive channel between you and certified technicians. Our technicians are professionally experienced and competent. Once you deposit your device, rest assured they are in safe hands.

6 Months Warranty

We offer a 6 months warranty period. Our team will share all the warranty related information with you. In case you have any doubt, reach us at +91 7428186979 or write to us at support@goeasyrepair.net