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water-damaged iphone

Not all of us can afford to buy the latest water-proof iPhone. Which is why it is important to take care of our iphones that are not liquid-proof.  

Troubleshooting a water-damaged iPhone is the most arduous task to do. All the possible steps and techniques are dubious and doesn't ensure any guarantee. The damage worsens if its salt water. It is exceptionally conductive in nature and hence can create electrical connections. 

Firstly, check whether your phone is water-damaged or not. When you press the power button of your iPhone, it won’t turn on. Take apart your phone carefully. You will clearly see the water damage indicator is red. The indicator is a piece of plastic, which turns red when water above the optimum level enters the phone. The red indicator informs that your phone has been water damaged. 

Try and follow a few steps immediately when you face such a situation:

  1. Turn off the phone immediately to prevent further damage
  2. Open all hatches, such as SIM and SD Card
  3. Clean every corner of the phone using a water absorbent
  4. Put your phone with the left side in an upward direction to avoid the deterioration of the logic board on the right side
  5. After at least 48 hours, turn it on to check whether it works or not

There are various options for water-absorbent substances you can use. Nowadays, desiccants are generally used for this purpose. Desiccants are the substance which help in absorbing water vapor from the air. This is to reduce the overall temperature. 

What if you create your own desiccant? Yes, you can create it at your home following a few simple steps. Rice is one of the low-quality desiccating options one can opt for. However, using silica gel is the best choice. It sucks up moisture readily. Pack silica gel beads with your phone in a ziplock with the phone facing down to avoid water reentering.

Once you succeed with all your proceedings, try not to forget replacing the card(s) and battery wherever possible and turn it back on. 

The professional drying service providers also follow the same principle of dehydration using a desiccant. They put your phone inside a 98% vacuum chamber where water boils below room temperature and dehydrate your phone completely. 

This is all you can carry out at your end. Try not to experiment beyond your knowledge. 

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