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Smartphone repairs can be costly, especially if it’s a high-end phone and you’re getting it done by an authorized service center. You won’t have to face such a trouble to start with, if you avoid hazardous conditions and places that are unsafe for your phone. 

To help, we bring you the top 5 common risky situations you should avoided to ensure a damage-free smartphone.

Avoid taking your phone to the toilet or the bathroom

When you enter your bathroom with your smartphone, take a look around. There’s a sink, a toilet, and several buckets filled with water. Doesn’t it seem risky to bring a palm-sized electronic item that can easily take an accidental plunge in the water? It’s why we recommend leaving the phone behind when you’re entering a place with numerous water sources. We advise the same for Sauna rooms. 

Do not always keep your phone out 

A lot of people prefer to keep their smartphones out so they can promptly control the music player and reply to incoming messages easily. What they fail to realize is that the phone can slip easily from their hands and crash hard on the concrete floor. Chances of your phone missing your grip are more if it is out frequently. 

Always use a plastic cover 

Instead of using metallic covers for your phone, use plastic or silicon ones. Metal phone cases do a shoddy job of absorbing the shock when the phone falls down, especially around the edges. In case of silicon and plastic cases, the shock is bounced back by the elasticity.  

Avoid internet phone hacks 

The internet is a really powerful tool and can be equated to Aladdin’s Genie in some ways. Yet, it’s still a limited platform where the content is created and cultured by imperfect humans. A lot of infotainment sites, social media sites, and video hosting services have featured ‘useful’ ‘hacks’ or ‘tweaks’ for your phone. Some of these are outright funny and senseless, like charging an iPhone by microwaving it in the oven. You obviously know the mess you’ll make if you gave your iPhone the electromagnetic treatment.    

Use surge protector power strips  

Power surges are harmful for electric appliances. Most of these tools have fuses that break in case of a high voltage. Smartphone chargers can take damage from a sudden difference in power, leading to further harm to the smartphone battery. There have been known cases where the smartphone exploded while being charged. 

Want to add more to this list? Let us know in the comments!     

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