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If you’re watching movies through a broken Samsung mobile screen, now is the time to give GoEasyRepair a call for a heavily discounted screen replacement. You will want to watch all the good content that’s going to be unlocked by the streaming service following its tie-up with Samsung.  

Yes, Netflix has become Samsung's official mobile entertainment partner. Bonus content related to Netflix titles will be available to Samsung users exclusively. The alliance was announced by Netflix's Chief Marketing Officer, Jackie Lee-Joe, at an event in San Francisco. She explained, "The mission of this partnership is to make the Netflix viewing experience on Samsung mobile the absolute best it can be." 

This event was organized by Samsung to unveil its new foldable smartphone. Galaxy Flip was the main attraction at the stage, with three different breeds of Galaxy S20 phones presented as opening presentations. Samsung Galaxy Buds+ were also showcased during the show, which are trying to counter the success of Apple EarPods.  

An entertainment or a content streaming service can have a hard time attracting new customers if it does not employ guerilla marketing tactics. Tie-ups with other organizations to promote the business is quite effective as unaware consumers who can easily access the stream end up exploring it.  

Netflix is considered the world's biggest subscription video service with over 167 million members. Yet, there are competitors who can give the company a serious run for their money. Big-spending competitors like HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus, and Apple TV Plus are a few steps behind Netflix. 

A lot of people prefer watching Netflix while travelling. Scratches and shatters can make it difficult for the viewport to present clear images. The light illuminating the cracks can also prove to be troublesome. With GoEasyRepair, you will not only get a brand-new screen replacement, you’ll also get a screen protector on most of the smartphones.  

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