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Change in technology has jumpstarted a race in the smartphone industry, which is making microprocessors smarter and phone cameras sharper. The surplus processing power and capturing capabilities of smartphones suck up a lot of juice from your phone’s battery, which is why smartphones don’t last very soon on a single charge in a day. In case of emergencies, smartphone owners have to turn off their mobiles to save a few battery points, which is why we bring you 10 tricks that can significantly lower battery consumption on your smartphone.    

  • Turn on the Battery Saving Mode  

Turn on the Battery Saving Mode that is available in every mobile OS. In Android, it can be found on the Quick Settings screen, and in iOS, you’ll have to Go to Settings > Control Center > Customize Controls, then select Low Power Mode.  

  • Use Wi-Fi instead of network data 

Using your network data puts a lot of stress on your smartphone’s communication system, which in turn burns through your battery. A better option is to use the Wi-Fi, as the phone will keep a stable and less intensive connection.

  • Reduce brightness 

Turning up the brightness can also make your battery drain faster as the intensity of the pixels lighting up is increased. Lessen battery usage by turning down your screen’s brightness.  

  • Use monochromatic wallpapers

In monochromatic black and white wallpapers, the darker regions turn off screen pixels to mimic the black colour. This saves battery as well.  

  • Use fewer widgets and background-running apps 

Widgets and background apps often use more battery than the apps used in the forefront. Turn them off to save battery. 

  • Turn off Bluetooth, NFC, GPS, and similar services 

The GPS system is known to consume a lot of battery, especially when you pull out the maps app. The GPS has to keep referencing data with the internet, which uses a considerable amount of your smartphone’s juice. 

  • Switch to dark (black) themes 

Your screen with turned off pixels will use less power, which is why we suggest you use themes that include black and darker colours.

  • Disable virtual assistants 

Virtual assistants like Siri, Cortana, and Google Assistant constantly eavesdrop you to use them. They use a host of different algorithms that require a variety of resources. The battery depletes faster when virtual assistants are used, which is why we suggest disabling them.   

  • Disable animations 

Animations on your phone spike up a considerable amount of battery usage. Disabling them in the phone’s settings prevents battery usage.  

  • Turn on Airplane Mode 

Turning on the Airplane Mode can disable the communications systems which exhausts the battery significantly. 

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