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Replacing the screen of an iPhone requires expertise and special tools. Trying to salvage the cracked screen of your iPhone can prove fatal, and hence avoided. 

There are several hazards of repairing a broken iPhone screen at home. Let me explain to you why it is dangerous to undertake this activity at home. iPhones run on lithium ion batteries. They are rechargeable batteries with the fastest growing and most promising technology. Use of these batteries are acceptable globally and hence considered to be safe. However, if you overcharge, overheat, puncture, or abuse it, it can explode on your face and claim your life. 

If you try to open an iPhone and replace the screen all by yourself, it can disturb the lithium-ion battery if the thin separator present between the positive and negative parts gets ruptured. It can cause a short circuit and catch fire. 

Seek help from professionals to avoid health hazards. Contact a professional who is efficient and have experience in providing mobile screen repair service. You can contact the authorized Apple service center for screen replacement. No doubt, you will get quality service there. However, it might not be pocket-friendly. Visiting a local iPhone repair shop is also not advisable due to their shady dealings. You should rather contact a service provider with specialization in iPhone screen repair.

Don’t leave your iPhone bursting into flames while experimenting at home. Go and seek professional help.

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