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Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10 was globally released on August 7 2019, and within a month, the South Korean conglomerate created waves in the smartphone market with Galaxy Fold. Because of its initial failure and unusual design, Samsung Galaxy Fold’s popularity went cold, and reviewers began to tag it with adjectives like ‘fragile’, ‘expensive’, and ‘problematic’. 

I guess this is why Samsung is subtly letting leaks of Samsung Galaxy S11 out, where the notch-less and bezel-less design is teasing everyone to get ready to loosen their purse strings. Galaxy S11 will reportedly be an octa-core smartphone with a 13+13+16+5 MP camera configuration on the rear. The smartphone will be able to record videos and take pictures in 4K, as well as play ultra HD videos. The phone will most likely be released around February 18, 2020.

The real deal however, is not Samsung Galaxy S11, but a new patent filed by Samsung, which proposes a revolutionary bezel-less smartphone. Moreover, the phone has triple front-facing cameras that are hidden under the display, probably the first of their kind. I took a look at the patent, translated it into English using Google Translate, but couldn’t find anything more except the fact that the phone’s rear has two cameras along with a possible depth sensor. The discovery of the patent was originally made by UK-based mobile phone aggregating website called ‘Tiger Mobiles’.

Samsung is taking long strides as it has to match the speed and impact of the iPhone 11. Apple is going to focus on cutting-edge camera with an amazing night mode option where you can click clear photos in low light. iPhone 11 and its upgraded variant iPhone 11 Pro use the A13 Bionic chip to power all the demands of heavy games and applications. 

It seems like we’ll have to wait till the end of 2020 to see what Samsung has in store with its new patent. Till then, do let me know in the comments what Samsung Galaxy Note 10 feels like.    

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