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Samsung Galaxy Fold made headlines when it was being beta tested by reviewers. They found it to be extremely fragile, primarily because of the thin plastic screen which users thought was a ‘removable cover’. 

Moreover, closing the phone broke certain parts of the folding mechanism and created cracks in the screen. The phone’s launch was eventually pushed in September, while it was originally slated for release in April. Having learnt how not to release a smartphone, Samsung is now ready to launch another foldable smartphone in the market. 

This time, it’s different. The unnamed foldable Samsung phone will bend at the latitude instead of longitude, like a clam or PacMan.   

At the Samsung Developer Conference, the company revealed Galaxy Fold’s successor, which redesigned the concept of a normal smartphone so that it folds like a yesteryear flip phone. Initially, I thought it was just another castle being built in the air, but it seems Samsung is geared up to make this phone happen. Dutch independent blog GalaxyClub recently scoped out the batteries are being developed for the smartphone. Apparently, the phone will use two batteries, one in each half, with product codes EB-BF700ABY and EB-BF701ABY. 

Unfolded, it looks like a regular smartphone, as shown by the graphics in the developer, but the clamshell fold has the benefit of making it half the size and therefore, far more pocketable than a regular device.

I find it interesting that the structure of the phone’s back may be inspired from Moto RAZR, one of the most stylish smartphones in the market during its time. Hopefully, it will be modestly priced due to less screen space and lesser use of folding components. I also hope that it won’t be subjected to the lazy designing Samsung Galaxy Fold was a victim of. The phone is rumored to hit the market in early 2020.  

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