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A damaged phone will not only hamper your work, and the way you communicate, but will also prove to be heavy on your pockets.

To help you keep your phone in one piece, here are 6 important tips you must follow:    

  1. Don’t use your phone when it’s being charged
    Be it iPhone or Android, there have been numerous cases of smartphones spontaneously catching fire or exploding when tethered to a charger. This happens usually when the electrical grid of your house suffers a power surge. No matter how ‘safe’ your phone may be, avoid operating it when it’s charging.

  2. Do not overcharge your phone
    Keeping your phone docked to the charger overnight can reduce the battery life. This is because your phone constantly struggles between the states of 'charging' and 'not charging' to maintain the 100% status. It negatively affects the lithium-ion battery in your phone and the PCB board, resulting in the battery running out frequently and speedily.

  3. Keep your phone in a cold environment
    Your phone can behave erratically at high temperatures. When your phone takes time to process commands, it may be because the motherboard is overheating. Smartphone microprocessors have a mechanism to lower their clock rate when they become warm, which is why they function slower. Therefore, always remember not to leave your phone on the car dashboard under the fiery summer sun.

  4. Get a screen guard and a phone case
    You'll be surprised how effective a screen guard can be against screen cracks. When a smartphone falls on a hard surface, the impact is absorbed by the screen guard and not the actual glass below the tempered/PET layer. Similarly, the corners of the phone and the frame are conserved by the phone case shielding them.
  5. Don't always keep your earphones plugged in
    Smartphones are more vulnerable to damage when the earphones/headphones are plugged in. Accidental tugs on the cord can leave the earphone jack damaged, sometimes even drag the phone across the floor. In such cases, the damaged jack can also extend to the entire motherboard.

  6. Don't take your smartphone to the bathroom
    A lot of people like to play their favourite songs on their smartphone while taking a hot steamy shower. What they don't know is that moisture can do a lot of damage to electronics over time. In a lot of cases, the steam can cause a short circuit in your phone, which can instantly kill your phone and is hard to detect. Therefore, it’s better to get water-resistant speakers.


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